The Cap-Vert, the “Green Cape”, near the Senegalese capital Dakar is located about 600 kilometers off the coast of Senegal. In the midst of the wide Atlantic Ocean one comes across an archipelago of 15 islands, nine of which are inhabited: The Cape Verde Islands.

Logistical Information

All relevant logistical information regarding the Summer School are summarized in the sections below. In case you have any remaining question, please do not hesitate to contact us via solas-school@geomar.de.

Location and Venue

The Summer School will be loacted on the island of São Vicente, Republic of Cape Verde about 600 kilometers off the coast of Senegal in the middle of the tropical Northeast Atlantic, see map below. The Cape Verde archipelago consists of 15 islands of which are nine inhabited. One of these inhabited islands is the island São Vicente. With 227 km² São Vicente is one of the smaller archipelago islands. The economic and cultural centre of São Vicente is the harbor city Mindelo - the second largest city of Cape Verde.

Cape Verde archipelago with the island São Vicente.

The Summer School venue will be the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo (OSCM) located in Mindelo on the island São Vicente, see map below. During the Summer School a practical is planned at the Cape Verde Atmosphere Observatory (CVAO) .

Location of the OSCM and the CVAO on the island São Vicente.

The OSCM is a joint facility of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany, and the National Institute for Fisheries Development in Mindelo (INDP) recently renamed in Instituto do Mar (IMar).

Ocean Science Centre Mindelo (OSCM) located in Mindelo,
São Vicente, Cape Verde.

The OSCM opended its doors to the international scientific community in November 2017. As a modern research hub located in the middel of the tropical Northeast Atlantic the OSCM provides a first class multifunctional base and gateway for different research and educational projects. With more than 1,700 of multi-functional floor space, including laboratories, workspaces, offices, conference and social rooms as well as a kitchen the OSCM is the ideal place to perform the Summer School in West Africa.

Conference room at the OSCM.

For detailed information about the modern OSCM facilities visit the OSCM facility website.


Travel and Visa Information

In the following section, we provide an overview of how to travel to Cape Verde and what should be considered for the visa application and the airport security fee.

Arriving by plane

  • The final airport destination on São Vicente is Cesária Evora International Airport.

  • Best flight connections are available via Lisbon with TAP. An overnight stay in Lisbon may sometimes be necessary.

  • If travelling from Paris, Milan, Rome, Dakar, Lagos, Fortaleza, Refice, Boston or Washington DC we recommend to have a look at the Cabo Verde Airlines.

  • If travelling from the Canary Islands or Amsterdam, we recommend travelling with Binter or Tui Netherlands.

  • From Dakar, Air Senegal operates daily with connections to the capital Praia (capital of the island Santiago).

  • From Africa and Europe, fares may range from about 600 - 1300 €.

  • From North or South America fares may range between 1200 - 2000 €.

  • Airport transport
    • Hotel pick-up service from/to airport: most hotels offer a pick-up service from and to the airport.
    • Public transportation to and from the airport is not given, but taxis are a common means and easy accessible. A taxi fare at daytime or nighttime from or to the airport is 1000 CVE.


Visa Information

  • European citizens staying less than 30 days in Cape Verde do not need a visa.  ECOWAS member states and PALOP country citizens also don't need a visa.

  • If you are travelling from any other country, please inquire about visa requirement at your nearest consulate or embassy.

  • Travellers without a visa requirement (e.g. European citizens) are obliged to register online at www.ease.gov.cv. During this online registration process you need to provide passport data, flight number, arrival and departure dates and place of accommodation. The airport security fee is approx. 30.83 € (3400 CVE) pp for international flights and approx. € 1.36 (150 CVE) pp for domestic flights. Fee payment requires a credit card. Please note that you need to register up to 5 days before you start your travel!

  • Any traveler must have a passport validity of six months subsequent to the day of departure. If this is not the case, please renew your passport as quickly as possible as this may take several weeks.


Please note: you MUST know your own institution’s/country’s policy on travel when applying. We cannot help you determine whether you are allowed to attend the school due to COVID-19 restrictions.


Accommodations for students and lecturers will be provided in one of the hotels listed below. All overnight stays include a breakfast.

Hotel Oasis Porto Grande, Mindelo, São Vicente

  • All participants will receive accommodation in a shared hotel room incl. breakfast as standard.

  • Hotel rates usually include breakfast.

  • If you wish to have a private hotel room, we will do our best to accommodate this preference (very often successfully), however, this cannot be guaranteed and you will have to cover the extra costs incurred.

  • If the funding covering your accommodation is provided to you by the school organizers, this fund will not cover the extra cost of a private hotel room.

  • If you intend to arrive early or depart late from the summer school, you must make your own arrangements for accommodation.

Hotel Don Paco, Mindelo, São Vicente


Please note that a tourist tax of 2 € pppn (max. 10 nights) is required in addition.


Overview map of the Summer School accommodations and the OSCM location.


Please note: Should you wish to take holidays in Cape Verde, please make your own arrangements for travel and accommodation.


Local Information

In the following section we give a brief overview of different topics, all good to know before travelling to Cape Verde.


  • Taxis/Cabs: Easily recognizable by their white color. The daily fare for a taxi ride is 150 CVE, the nightly fare is 180 CVE independent from the distances you take as long as you remain in the city of Mindelo. Euros are accepted in bills, for small amounts people appreciate exact change in the local currency CVE.
  • Public transport: Public transport, consisting of small busses, is available and very cheap but usually limited to Mindelo. Only during weekends in the summer busses will go to Calhau and Baía das Gatas.
  • Aluguer: For trips over the Island, minibuses or communal taxis called “Aluguer” can be booked with up to 8 people. Prices depend on the time and distances and need to be fixed with the driver before beginning the tour. Aluguers can be found at Praça Estrela in Mindelo.



  • The Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE) is the official national currency with coupled fixed exchange rate with the Euro (1 € = approx. 110 CVE). For other foreign currencies, please look up the current exchange rates.
  • VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted in many places in Cape Verde and where displayed with an emblem at the entrance. There are various ATMs at the airport and distributed over city center.



  • Breakfast is usually included with your hotel reservation. There are some places that already open in the morning hours around 9 am that also serve breakfast (i.e. Café Mindelo, Dokas etc.).
  • For lunch, you’ll find some smaller restaurants close by or a good variety in the city centre.
  • For dinner, we recommend various restaurants in Mindelo. Food is fresh and not very costly.


Health Information


  • Most vaccinations for Cape Verde are not obligatory, however vaccinations or an update of the usual childhood-diseases and hepatitis are recommended. If travelling from a yellow fever country, a vaccination certificate is required.


Hygiene and water-borne diseases

  • Standards in hotels are high, comparable with European standards. However, when travelling the first time, it is recommended to stick to the following basic rules when touring the archipelago or visiting restaurants:
    - Wash hands
    - Cook it or peel it
    - Buy sealed bottled water for drinking
    - Carry a small travel pharmacy against gastrointestinal disorders



  • The archipelago has a semi-desert, sub-tropical mix of climates. The weather in Mindelo is generally dry and mild. The average annual daily temperatures range between 25°C (January) and 29°C (August/September).
  • There is almost always a constant trade wind blowing on the Cape Verde islands, with January through March experiencing on average the strongest wind.


The standard voltage in Cabo Verde is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets used are European standard (Type C/F).


Sights to See

Mindelo Fish Market
Fresh fish every day, with a jetty right behind the market where fishermen unload their daily catch.

Fish Market in Mindelo, São Vicente


Monte Verde Mountain
750 m high, with a view to neighboring islands

Monte Verde Mountain


Santo Antão
The neighboring Island of Santo Antão can be reached by ferry daily (50 minutes one way). The island is very attractive for hiking along the crater “Cova”.

Island Santo Antão, Cape Verde