OSC 2012 discussion session reports

Parallel discussion sessions were carried out with the intention to provide an opportunity for round table discussions of hot topics.

Discussion Session title and report (where available) Convener
Climate impact of seasalt-derived Cl atoms Roland von Glasow and Eric Saltzman
Improving our understanding of and capacity for model projections of sea ice-ocean biogeochemistry Nadja Steiner and Clara Deal
Parameterising k with parameters other than wind speed? Christoph Garbe
SOLAS Science Plan and its Relevance to Society (Plenary discussion session) Eric Saltzman and Lisa Miller
Ocean-derived aerosol: Properties & climate impacts Dave Kieber and Lynn Russell
Gas transfer at high wind speeds: Recent observations and constraints Rik Wanninkhof and William Asher
How to detect and monitor potential ocean acidification large-scale impacts- what is needed today? Christoph Heinze and Yukihiro Nojiri
Earth observations for SOLAS science Christoph Garbe, Veronique Garçon and David Woolf
Potential shifts in DMS flux from the ocean due to a changing climate Jacqueline Stefels and Rafel Simo
Impacts of Aeolian particles on ocean productivity Roberta Hamme, Remi Losno, I-l Lin, and Diego Gaiero

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