Special Issue: Network on Aerosols and Climate: Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote Canadian Environments (NETCARE)

Abbatt et al. 2019


Motivated by the need to predict how the Arctic atmosphere will change in a warming world, this article summarizes recent advances made by the research consortium NETCARE (Network on Climate and Aerosols: Addressing Key Uncertainties in Remote Canadian Environments) that contribute to our fundamental understanding of Arctic aerosol particles as they relate to climate forcing. The overall goal of NETCARE research has been to use an interdisciplinary approach encompassing extensive field observations and a range of chemical transport, earth system, and biogeochemical models. Several major findings and advances have emerged from NETCARE since its formation in 2013.

NETCARE is endorsed by SOLAS since October 2013.

Read and download the collection here: https://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/special_issue835.html

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