Publications from ESA Support To Science Element initiative

Shutler et al. 2020


A decade ago ESA announced at the SOLAS Open Science Conference in Barcelona (2009) that they will promote SOLAS science through a Support To Science Element (STSE) initiative. Two OceanFlux Greenhouse Gas projects, two international workshops (in 2013 and 2016), and a subsequent project focussing on ocean acidification have now all ended.

We can now celebrate the following publications from these projects:

  • Shutler JD, Wanninkhof R, Nightingale PD, Woolf DK, Bakker DCE, et al. 2020. Satellites will address critical science priorities for quantifying ocean carbon. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment Read here
  • Woolf DK, Shutler JD, Goddijn‐Murphy L, Watson AJ, Chapron B, et al. 2019. Key Uncertainties in the Recent Air‐Sea Flux of CO2. Global Biogeochemical Cycles Read here
  • Land PE, Findlay H, Shutler J, Ashton I, Holding T, et al. 2019a. Optimum satellite remote sensing of the marine carbonate system using empirical algorithms in the Global Ocean, the Greater Caribbean, the Amazon Plume and the Bay of Bengal. Remote Sensing of Environment Read here
  • Holding T, Ashton IG, Shutler JD, Land PE, Nightingale PD, et al. 2019. The FluxEngine air–sea gas flux toolbox: simplified interface and extensions for in situ analyses and multiple sparingly soluble gases. Ocean Science Read here

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